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Memphis Storm

The Memphis Storm formed in 1986 as another in a long live of attempts to woo mid-South soccer fans to indoor soccer. After joining the American Indoor Soccer Association (AISA) for the 86-87 season, the Memphis Storm proved to be a strong team and posted the best record in the league (16-8) during their second season in 87-88.

Unfortunately like many other soccer franchises that came and went from Memphis, the owners ran out of money and the AISA seized the team until a new group of owners came in during the winter of 1989. The owners tried reviving the Memphis Storm by changing their names back to the infamous Memphis Rogues but that did not help their dwindling fan support. The Storm/Rouges would go out of business after 1989-90. Shortly thereafter soccer would come back to Memphis with another iteration of the Rougers, and then keep coming back or changing names as the Survivors, then United Express, and finally the Jackals all came and went from Memphis in the 80s and 90s.