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Fort Wayne Flames

The Fort Wayne Flames played three seasons in the American Indoor Soccer Association (AISA) in the late 1980’s playing at the Allen County War Memorial. The Flames entered the league for the 1986-87 season and it was one of turmoil, as they fired their head coach after only five games. They wouldn’t improve from there, winning only 13 games. Their second season wasn’t worse, as they notched only nine wins and finished last. 

During their last season in 1988, the AISA created a new concept called the Challenge Cup which was essentially a mini season within the season to determine the champion. Although the Flames performed relatively well in the regular season, they did spectacularly in the Challenge Cup. They went 8-3 and ended up playing in the championship game against the Canton Invaders. They would attract their biggest ever crowd of over 8,000 to the final game against Canton, but would come up short losing 5-4. 

Struggling on the balance sheet, the team pulled a very unique maneuver and became a not-for-profit for the 1988-89 season and the campaign was successful enough that they returned for the 88-89 season. The team would go 20-20 that year and end up missing the playoffs. Unfortunately, they would also fold after that season.