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Atlanta Attack

The Atlanta Attack played at Atlanta’s Omni coliseum during their time with the American Indoor Soccer Association (AISA) from 1989 - 1991 and were the ATL’s re-entry to soccer after the Atlanta Chiefs left in 1981. 

After onboarding Croation forward Drago Dumbovic, the Attack expected Dumbovic to be a top scorer but sadly, Atlanta traded Drago to the Hershey Impact two months into the season. Even with the trade, the Atlanta Attack placed 2nd in their division and notched 23 wins. In the playoffs they were ultimately beat out by the Dayton Dynamos

The Attack would have another good season, their second, in 1990-91. They earned 25 wins and again made the playoffs and - again! - lost to the Dayton Dynamos. After the season, the team would move to Kansas City as the expensive lease at the Omni was costing the franchise serious money. They would find success in the midwest, playing in KC through 2001.